Business Funding

Mosky Capital Solutions

Accessing to working capital when you need is piece of mind!
Most financial experts recommend maintaining cash reserve equal to 3-6 months of operating expenses for any emergency. A cash advance from Apple Fundme helps you to cover any low cash flow period to keep your business running smoothly.

Our Solutions

We can get you funded within 2 hours. to grow your business.

Funding for Small Business

Structuring your business future growth plan through our AI system, Get the Proper Funding right the way

Merchant Cash Advance

We buy your future revenue on a discounted price, and we collect these amounts through an ACH debit from your Business Account.

Real-time Financing

Apple Fundme’s Real-Time Financing solution enables businesses to access daily automated cash advances and manage

Invoice Purchasing

Purchasing your outstanding invoices by Apple Fundme and provide you with an Instant Cash

SBA Loan

Business owners can borrow up to 5 million dollars for all sort of uses to the tune of 25 billion

Credit Card Processing

Affordable approach for the Merchants to process the credit card payments

Term Loan

provide small business owners a safe and easy solution to their financing needs

Line Of Credit

Fast approval available to provide instant access to funds.

Mosky Capital is helping any business owner to get his/her required funds. replace the long wait in the bank queue list and avoid signing a collateral to the bank in case of you get default.

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