Invoice Purchasing


Feel the power of on-demand cash flow. 

Instant Liquidity

Instant Liquidity

You don't want to hear that you can't make payroll because we didn't deliver. And you won't. Because we'll buy your invoices today. And if we can't, we'll show you other ways we can deliver working capital fast.

Flat And Flexible

Flat And Flexible

In order to trust us with your capital and customers, you have to trust... us! Capflow Funding's flat corporate structure means you talk to the people who make the decisions. And we understand that your real value is not found on your balance sheet, but in your potential.

We Work With You

We Work With You

If other funding options don't meet your needs, factoring with CapFlow lets you bypass the sometimes-long process of waiting for invoices to be paid.

It Is Easy To Get Working Capital

Invoice factoring is a great financing tool for businesses who need cash
fast and have unpaid invoices.

How Working Capital Can Help

The Many Ways An Influx Of Working Capital Can Help Your Business Grow

Fill Large Orders in a short time frame

Meet Weekly payroll requirements


Turn Over your product cycle more frequently

Take Advantage of vendor discounts and opportunistic purchases

Supplement Or Reduce bank or equity financing

Satisfy outstanding debts or back taxes

Manage seasonal fluctuations

Purchase inventory


Industries We Work With

What Is Invoice Purchasing?

Invoice purchasing is an alternative income stream you can tap into when you need working capital  fast.

Your business sells the active invoices to a purchaser, who pays you instantly for the amount outstanding. They then collect the money due from the client directly.

It sounds simple, and for the most part, it is. Before you decide whether this alternative funding source is for you, you should know the basics of how invoice purchasing works.

How does it work?

If you’re a business that uses invoicing as part of your regular billing, you know the hassle of waiting for payment.

Clients who pay the normal “on time” invoice still have 30 days. Slow payers can take up to 90 before paying in full. The average net 30 invoice gets paid in around 50 days, and average businesses have more than $150,000 in unpaid invoices sitting in their accounts receivable.

Every business can relate to the feeling of trying to craft a gentle, yet effective payment reminder email. You value your customer relationships, but you also need to make sure your clients are paying you in a timely manner.

It’s a necessary headache if you want to work with large corporations and government entities. But when you need money fast, it doesn’t help that you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding invoices. You need the cash, not the accounts receivable.

A merchant cash advance is an option, but the fees can be astronomical. Still, it may be your best choice …

Unless, of course, you can get someone to purchase your invoices.