Merchant Cash Advance

What Is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance or MCA is short-term financing given by a specialized lender (merchant cash advance companies) to small business owners and their companies to cover financial and business needs. A merchant cash advance is technically not a loan, it’s known as alternative business funding and not covered by the same rules and regulations as other types of financing such as a short-term loan from a conventional bank, small business loan, or term loan.

What is he purpose of a merchant cash advance?

To accelerate the business owner’s cash flow. However, because the business owner will have to use future credit card sales revenue to repay the cash advance, an MCA will reduce future cash flow for the business.
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Why Mosky Capital?

Get up to $2,000,000.00

Eliminate your cash flow problems and scale your business to new heights with up to $2,000,000.00

Same day funding

Get your funding approved and processed in hours, not days - and start using your funds right away.

Keep funds for up to 24 months

Take the pressure off and start planning for your long-term success by keeping the funds for up to 18 months.

Flexible repayments

Enjoy greater flexibility by choosing to repay at your own pace with a percentage of your daily sales or make fixed daily payments.

Apply in minutes

Complete your online application and get approved in minutes. No annoying paperwork, jumping through hoops, or long wait times.

Clear and transparent process

Make informed decisions and move your business forward with confidence by understanding your terms upfront.

How does it work?

Complete our 5-minute online application

We don’t waste your time with lengthy applications and long waits for approval. Our online application process is quick and painless and approval is instant.

Our advanced engine selects the best plan for your business

Mosky Capital proprietary algorithm looks at your recent business performance and cash flow to provide you with quick and customized funding options that fit your business needs.

Receive the funds directly in your account within 2 hours

With Mosky Capital , funds are transferred into your bank account the same day you apply. You can start using your funds immediately – without any holdups!

How funding works

Rates are based on

Required documents

Ask Yourself

Good to know

Mosky Capital is a financial technology company that provides real-time online banking tools and hassle-free financing solutions for small businesses.
An amount paid to a business to purchase future receivables
Your business must be over 12 months old and average a minimum of $10,000 in gross monthly revenue over the last three months to qualify for one of our programs. You’ll also need a personal FICO credit score that’s above 500.
You are not required to provide any collateral. We simply consider your business’s overall performance and cash flow.
Applying will not affect your credit score.
We can fund the same day once all documents have been received. The funds are electronically sent to your bank account and instantly available to you.
Your data security and privacy are our top priority. We use industry best practices, including administrative and technical safeguards, to help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.
There is no APR. Once you have generated enough future sales to deliver through our collection, you will have performed under the agreement. In general, the concept of an APR only applies in consumer-type transactions, not in business transactions such as future receivables purchasing.
There is no interest rate associated with purchasing future receivables
Yes. Once you have successfully repaid 50% or more of your original contract, you are eligible to apply for more working capital.
You can use your funds without limitation to purchase inventory, finance payroll, expand your business, and much more.
Prior to funding, we will need executed documents, a voided check, and a copy of your driver’s license.
We deduct a set payment amount from your business bank account based on the terms of your contract.
Businesses use Mosky Capital to access faster and more flexible financing options to fund their ongoing operations and growth.
Depending on the program, we collect a percentage of your sales from your business checking account or credit card processing transactions