Partner Program

Partner with Mosky Capital

Long Term Relationship is what we are looking for!

If you want to offer Apple Fundme solutions to your client base of small or medium size businesses, Sign up today. We are helping many funding brokers, sales organizations, direct lenders, and financial services companies to grow their business through our high-end tech software and high-risk approach.

Servicing our Partners perfectly is what we are well-known for!

We are in the same boat, if you grow, we grow, that’s why we schedule a weekly meeting with our partners and their teams to develop and train them.

Mosky Capital provides partners with advanced services

Live Smart Dashboard

Our portal Has a real time automated sections to process and review your deals such as New Deals (submit your deal live in our portal within 3 mins) , Pipeline (Pending deals, In progress Deals, Quoted Deals, Submitted Deals, Approved Deals, Declined Deals, Funded Deals), and Commission (partners can search for any deals commission with a filter date option)

Dedicated ISOs Officer

Mosky Capital assigns a talented ISOs officer to help the partners to close any deals right the way, the officer job is the link between partners and our underwriter teams to push things through when it needed it and set the training calendar to the partners sales teams.

Weekly Traning

Mosky Capital offers a weekly virtual or physical training to our Partners sales teams with the most talented funding trainer in the industry that will help our partners sales teams to close many deals consistently.

Syndication Program

Mosky Capital opens the door to our partners to invest their own money in their deals through our syndication platform where you can check the daily performance indicator and track your current cash and RTR, this program is helping many partners to generate a stream of earning beyond their commissions.

Get paid instantly week

Mosky Capital wires any funded deals commission next day of the funded day date.

No Clawback

Mosky Capital measures the clawback risk percentage in our competitive sell factor, so we don’t charge a clawback for any default deals in early stages.

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