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We understand that getting a fast-working capital for your business is vital, that’s why Apple Fundme has created a simple process to get funded instantly through our smart platform.

Apply in 1 min

Apply in 1 min

save time with our smart application


Access your fund anywhere, anytime
Get approved today

Get approved today

we’ll offer instant working capital
Get the funds

Get the funds

Get the funds

How Dose it Work ?

Free Registration

Sign up with your email address, and fill up basic business info such as business name, address, time in business etc



Upon receiving your smart application, we review it and if you are qualified, you will upload your business void check and ID, then will send you a smart contract to be signed digitally.


Connect your Bank

Using DecisionLogic, its instant account verification method so you can securely connect your business bank account to be verified before sending the funds to your business account

Access your Funds

Get the funds within 15 mins after our underwriter final call to explain the whole funding terms & conditions.
What is Mosky Capital?
Mosky Capital is a financial technology company that provides real-time online banking tools and hassle-free financing solutions for small businesses.
What is a merchant cash advance?
An amount paid to a business to purchase future receivables
What are the minimum requirements?
Your business must be over 12 months old and average a minimum of $10,000 in gross monthly revenue over the last three months to qualify for one of our programs. You’ll also need a personal FICO credit score that’s above 500.
Do I need collateral?
You are not required to provide any collateral. We simply consider your business’s overall performance and cash flow.
Will my credit be impacted by applying?
Applying will not affect your credit score.
How fast am i able to receive the funds?
We can fund the same day once all documents have been received. The funds are electronically sent to your bank account and instantly available to you.
How does Mosky Capital protect my privacy and security?
Your data security and privacy are our top priority. We use industry best practices, including administrative and technical safeguards, to help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.
What is the APR?
There is no APR. Once you have generated enough future sales to deliver through our collection, you will have performed under the agreement. In general, the concept of an APR only applies in consumer-type transactions, not in business transactions such as future receivables purchasing.
What is my interest rate?
There is no interest rate associated with purchasing future receivables
Can i apply for more funds if i need additional financing?
Yes. Once you have successfully repaid 50% or more of your original contract, you are eligible to apply for more working capital.
How can I spend my funds?
You can use your funds without limitation to purchase inventory, finance payroll, expand your business, and much more.
What dosuments are needed to fund my transaction?
Prior to funding, we will need executed documents, a voided check, and a copy of your driver’s license.
How is working capital repaid?
We deduct a set payment amount from your business bank account based on the terms of your contract.
Why do businesses use Mosky Capital?
Businesses use Mosky Capital to access faster and more flexible financing options to fund their ongoing operations and growth.
How does Mosky Capital get paid?
Depending on the program, we collect a percentage of your sales from your business checking account or credit card processing transactions