Smart Home Technologies

Smart home technology has become a common option for everyone, not just the wealthy and tech-savvy. The tech industry has responded by creating ever-more sophisticated solutions. While a lot of people associate this technology with gadgets such as Google’s Nest and Amazon’s click over here now Echo or Apple’s HomeKit, the term is more expansive than that and encompasses an array of options for your home. These range from remote-controlled heating and lighting to CCTV, doorbells, home security systems and smart locks. Some allow you to keep track of your elderly family members, pets, children and even monitor your children.

The key to any good smart home system is integration, which is why the top products on the market are those that can work with other devices and systems to make your property smarter. A smart light bulb, for instance is able to communicate with a central hub in order to set your lights on a schedule or turn them off after you leave the house. A video doorbell could alert you to visitors who might be coming in and alarm systems can call the police or fire departments. Once you’ve got the hang of the IFTTT (If this then that) service that you can utilize services like Stringify to automate devices in more complicated ways.

Of course, bringing in new smart devices into homes brings with it its own concerns. This is why CNET is working to understand company policies, highlight privacy issues, and address questions directly to the companies involved.

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